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evo ® hair products

casual act moulding paste

a paste for adding light hold and texture with a soft matt finish

day of grace leave in conditioner

a lightweight leave-in-conditioner to prepare hair before styling

box o’ bollox life changing paste

a paste that provides ultrastrong hold and an extremely matt finish

bride of gluttony conditioner

a light conditioner to physically fatten the hair

cassius cushy mud

a styling clay that provides strong, pliable hold with a medium matt finish

crop strutters construction cream

a shaping cream for texture, support and separation

easy tiger straightening balm

a luxurious balm that tames curls and flyaways with weighted conditioning

end doctor smoothing sealant

a strand strengthening crème to enhance curls, protect from heat damage and bring into line the strays breaking away from the pack

gluttony shampoo

shampoo gorged with protein and film formers to penetrate and coat the hair

happy campers hard-working moisturiser

a lightweight, leave-in moisturiser with added sun protection

haze styling powder

a styling powder to add volume and texture when hair is suffering from the flop

liquid rollers curl balm

a styling balm that holds curls together and protects against frizz

love perpetua shine drops

a glossing liquid that seals the cuticle, polishing hair smooth and creating amazing shine

love touch shine spray

a weightless finishing spray that adds incredible surface shine and protects styles from humidit

mane prescription protein treatment

an intense protein re-constructor. the more it’s used, the stronger hair becomes

mister fantastic your tool for creation

a spray to add fullness and texture or to secure styles

normal persons conditioner

a light, daily conditioner combining moisturisers, protein, an anti-sebum agent and scalp stimulating ingredients

ritual salvation conditioner

a rich conditioner to physically repair hair, encouraging shiny, healthy hair

ritual salvation shampoo

a gentle, moisturising shampoo, transforms dry, damaged hair

root canal base support spray

a root lift spray that builds body and texture

shape vixen body giving juice

a weightless lotion that adds body and provides long-lasting style support